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We help you get massive result with our tailor-made digital marketing services, specially designed for local business in KL, Malaysia.

Are you still using the "Old Method" to promote your business in Malaysia?

Do you have a good looking website but doesn’t generate any sales for you?

Are you looking for the right digital marketing strategies to grow your business?

If your answer to any of these question is yes, then you have come to the right place.

"Old Method" will only bring you "Old Revenue".

To get "New Revenue", you will need "New Method" to grow your business revenue.

Our "New Method", the proven & data-driven digital marketing strategies will able to help you increase your online visibility, get more visitors and turn them into your customers.

Imagine you have a top salesperson that consistently closing the deal for your business at 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. How would that impact your business revenue? How would that change your life?

Our #1 Goal

Get the BEST result consistently without breaking your budget.

First of all, digital marketing services include search engine marketing (Google Ads), search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (FB & Instagram ads), video marketing, retargeting ads & display advertising. And each of these digital marketing strategies has its pro and cons.

For us, our digital marketing strategies focus in Google ads and SEO marketing as the primary traffic source together with retargeting ads from social media sites (Facebook & Instagram) and other websites (Via Google display audience network).

Our Marketing Services

Google Ads Management (SEM)

Google Ads is one of the primary traffic sources to bring potential customers who are ready to spend their money on your product or services. These visitors are actively searching for the right supplier to fulfil their needs. We often categorized it as Search Marketing.

We help numerous local business owners to manage their ads campaigns that are results-focused and budget-friendly. We follow the best practice to find the buying intent keywords searching by your customer. As a full service Google Ads agency, we also set up the tailor-made ads copy and persuasive websites that able to turn the visitors to your customer with lesser ads expenses.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO marketing is a process to push your website in front of the first page of Google search result without paying ads fee consistently to Google.

For a better long term return of investment, SEO is highly recommended with the below benefits:

  • Show that you are the leader and authority in your space.
  • Enjoy the free traffic from Google without paying ads fee consistently.
  • Increase the sales rate because visitors will trust you more since Google recommended your website.
  • More cost-effective in the long run.
  • Gain more visitors who do not click Google ads.

SEO is our strength where we rank multiple websites in competitive niches in Singapore and Malaysia. We rank ourself for multiple competitive keywords like "digital marketing agency Malaysia". If we can do it for ourself, we rank your website too. Here are some additional search terms:

  • "Digital Marketing Company Malaysia"
  • "Digital Agency Malaysia"
  • "Digital Marketing Agency KL"
  • "Digital Marketing Kuala Lumpur"
  • "Digital Marketing Agency Kuala Lumpur"
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  • "Digital Marketing Services Malaysia"

All SEO works lead by Adam Yong who start his SEO journey since 2011. Find out more about Malaysia SEO services

Google My Business (GMB) Marketing

Are you providing product or services for the local area? Here are some quick stats:

  • 86% of customer use the internet to search for a local business.
  • > 90% of users in Malaysia use Google search.
  • 46% of users in Google are searching for local products and services.

If you are a local business owner and not implementing GMB marketing, you are leaving a ton's money on the table!

Google My Business page is owned by Google. You can register and claim the page just like register a Facebook page to represent your business. The main benefits of ranking well a GMB page is you can get massive visitors dues to its unfair advantage.

Firstly, most GMB result (map result) display above the organic search result. Secondly, the star rating for the reviews will boost further more clicks and phone calls from visitors to find out about your company. If your company has many good ratings and reviews, it will increase your sales multiples times, easily. This is because consumer always likes to read reviews before making the right decision.

We not ONLY help you to rank well in the map result but also have a proven method to help you increase your company review.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is the process to persuade visitors who landed on your website to buy your product or contact you. Here are the facts:

  • You spend RM 300 to bring in 100 visitors from Google Ads.
  • Assuming 5 visitors contacted you and turn in to a customer. The cost to acquire a customer is RM 60.
  • What if you can optimize your website and turn 10 visitors to become your customers? The cost to acquire a customer will become RM 30.
  • And the same amount of ads expenses can 2X your revenue with a conversion-optimized website.

The optimization process includes speed optimization, putting the right & creative message, video production, clean & professional look web design, customer testimonials and social proof. In short, you need sales and not more traffic which doesn't convert into sales.

Retargeting Ads Management

More than 80% of visitors never make their first contact when visiting your website. They might be busy or not ready to take action yet. Or something comes out immediately which blocking them to contact you. Retargeting ads will be useful to remind these past visitors about your product and services after they left your website.

Have you experienced once you visited a product in Lazada shopping website and started seeing all the related ads everywhere following you on social media sites, email, blog and news websites? This is the power of remarketing advertisements which you can apply to your business as well.

We help our clients push their product & services using Facebook retargeting ads and Google Display Network at a fraction of the cost.

Why Work with Us?

Not sure which digital marketing agency to go for? Here are the top 3 reasons why we can be the right digital marketing agency for you.


Our result-focused digital marketing strategy not only bringing more visitors to you but also make sure you get more sales too.

Tailor-Made Blueprint

We have a proven 9 steps marketing blueprint specially design for local businesses in Malaysia & Singapore.

Proven Result & Satisfaction

We started our digital marketing journey in 2010 and also won an SEO context in Asia region by ranking multiple top spots on page 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Digital Marketing is important for every business owner?

There are more than 86% of the user use the internet to search for a product or services. The right digital marketing strategy will able to show your company in front of these users and turn them into your customer 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

What are the type of Digital Marketing Services offered by you?

We use Google Ads, Google My Business & SEO marketing as the primary traffic source to drive massive potential leads to your website. We also improve the website to get more sales and use retargeting ads to bring back past visitors to build better branding and get more sales.

What is the best digital marketing strategy to bring more visitors to local businesses?

The search marketing strategy (Google Ads + SEO) will be the best traffic source for local business owners.

Will this digital marketing blueprint work for my company?

Our blueprint work best for companies like below:

  • Local businesses with physical location selling products or delivering services to local users. E.g. Lawyer, doctor, dentist, florist, catering, plumber, event company, roofing company, travel agency, cleaner, repair shop and home services.
  • A healthy business that delivers good product or services to consumer and would like to grow more.
  • A sufficient budget to implement our proven digital marketing blueprint.

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