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About Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the primary pay per click advertising campaign to bring potential customers who are ready to spend their money on your product or services. These visitors are actively searching for the right supplier to fulfil their needs. We often categorized it as Search Marketing.

For most local businesses, visitors from Google are very important. And, Google ads will able to bring in the right targeted visitors instantly once the campaign setup is complete. 

How Google Ads Can Help You

  • Get qualified visitors from Google search and its partner website almost instantly.
  • Build your online branding everywhere using the Google Display Network.
  • Help you generate more leads and sales all year round via paid search marketing.

Our Google Ads Service

Google Search Ads

As a full service Google Ads agency, We help you to place your ads on the top of the first page of Google search result with an optimized landing page that are ready to generate sales for you instantly.

Google Display Ads

Google partner with over 2 millions of 3rd party websites (Google Display Network) and reaches over 90% of internet users. We help you to show your ads in their website content, video and mobile apps based on the configured interest.

Remarketing Ads

More than 80% of visitors never make their first contact when visiting your website. They might be busy or not ready to take action yet. We help you to manage remarketing ads to bring back these past visitors after they left your website.

Our Ads Campaign Process

  1. Research and analyse your competitor.
  2. Find the buying intent keywords so that you can reduce the cost to acquire each lead/sale.
  3. Setup and optimize your website/landing page to turn the visitor into your paying customers.
  4. Setup Google Analytics to track the visitors' data.
  5. Setup Ad campaign & conversion tracking so that you know how much your ads help your sales.
  6. Monitoring and fine-tuning your ads campaign to reduce the ads cost and get more sales.
  7. Deliver transparent monthly reporting so that you know where your money goes and its result.

Our Case Studies

We help numerous local business owners to manage their ads campaigns that are results-focused and budget-friendly. We follow the best practice to find the buying intent keywords searching by your customer. We also set up the tailor-made ads copy and persuasive websites that able to turn the visitors to your customer with lesser ads expenses. No project is too small or too big for us. Check out our case studies here.

Google Search Ads for High-Ticket Travel Agency in Malaysia

One of the big client that invest heavily on Google Ads. They know that for every RM they spent on ads, they will get back 3x-4x. That's explain why their ads expenses is so high!

Remarketing Ads for Home Service Business in Singapore

The main traffic source for this client is SEO marketing. We helped them implement remarketing Ads bring back more appointment at a fraction of the cost.

Why Work with Us?

Not sure which digital marketing agency to go for? Here are the top 3 reasons why we can be the right digital marketing agency for you.


Our result-focused digital marketing strategy not only bringing more visitors to you but also make sure you get more sales too.

Tailor-Made Blueprint

We have a proven 9 steps marketing blueprint specially design for local businesses in Malaysia & Singapore.

Proven Result & Satisfaction

We started our digital marketing journey in 2010 and also won an SEO context in Asia region by ranking multiple top spots on page 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see the result?

It depends on the readiness of your website and nice of your business. If your website is already well-optimized and there are not many keyword topics to target, setting up the whole ads campaign including conversion tracking can be done within a few days. On the other hand, if there is a lot of fine-tuning need to be done on your website/landing page, it can take up to a few weeks to get it done.

What is the difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads?

Google Ads categorize as part of Search Marketing. User is actively searching for something to solve their needs. Unlike social media ads (Facebook ads) which is a different type of marketing called interrupting marketing. Visitors from Facebook may not actively search for a product or service.

For example, putting ads for a roofing repair service on Facebook may not get many results to compare to placing ads on Google. Obviously, if we want to get someone to repair our roof, we always go to Google to search for the best roofing company. Google ads will be a better option in this case.

Should I Do Google Ads or SEO Marketing?

Its depends on your budget and the target keywords. The ads cost highly depends on the number of searches and the cost per click (CPC). Some niche may cost up to RM 50 per click. In this case, you may not able to get many results if do not have a big budget. SEO marketing might be cost-effective.

However, if the competition is low and the monthly searches are not high, Google ads will able to deliver significant result at a low cost. We often help business owner run both Google Ads and SEO marketing at the same to gain maximum exposure and results. 

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